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We are a dual-season Manufacturer’s Representative Agency currently operating in the 14 Western States.
We are known for our aggressive sales ability, our strategic planning capabilities, and our mix of youth and experience. Our sole aim as a company is to be the most efficient and effective sales agency within our territory. Our drive and determination to push ourselves to do the most complete job possible for our Manufacturers is only equaled by our conviction to serve the Manufacturer’s customers, both Trade and Consumer, with the highest quality service in the industry.

This is reflected in our company motto – the cornerstones of our philosophy and the words we live by;

Into every communication, Honesty
Into every transaction, Integrity
For every customer, Satisfaction
For every associate, Dignity
For every manufacturer, Excellence

So what then do we do differently, that we feel sets us apart? Something we call the J.R.A. Difference;


A True TEAM Concept – Our Pay & Expense package for our men encourages TEAM attitude and gives our factories maximum productivity from a complete TEAM sales focus.

Our “Units of Business” Philosophy – As a dual-season company we strive to maintain proper balance across the categories we’ve chosen to operate in. Using a system of Anchor and Complementary lines, we’re able to keep the focus and direction on our “core” customers and channels.

Our Management Model – We take advantage of key personnel’s strengths, so we are able to formulate and implement effective sales strategies that match our factory goals with our sales focus.

Customer Development Programs – We believe excellent service after the sale has been one of the most critical factors to our success. Here’s just a few of the custom programs we offer;

  Selections Analysis
Ad Planning
Chain Training Program


Our Accountability Model – Assures all parties involved are always in a position to succeed. Knowing and fully understanding our short and long term goals is far too important to the TEAM to not create an infrastructure for measuring both accountability and shared responsibility. This “shared responsibility” promotes individuals to handle objections and make adjustments to strategies that keep all of us moving towards the overall sales goal.

Our “Roll Out” Strategies - We develop custom roll out strategies to ensure that new products, programs, or promotional opportunities launch successfully. These “Roll Outs” are built around specific expectations and sales goals. They incorporate specific reporting requirements. The importance of a strong start is that it leads to an even stronger finish.

Responsible Trade Citizens - Lastly, we believe in responsible stewardship of the outdoors resource. We enjoy building our business and earning our living in large part through our sales focus in the outdoor sports. In turn we support many important organizations that help to lead the charge in fighting to preserve our outdoor heritage and rights as sportsmen. Here are some of the good folks fighting everyday for our rights.



10604 Trademark Parkway, Suite 307
Rancho Cucamonga, CA 91730
Ph. 909-484-5678
Fax 909-484-8326

General Information Request: sales@JRAsales.com

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